Dr. Shital M Pujara

Designation : Assistant Professor (Regular)
Experience : 27 years 5 months

Email Id : shitalpujara.elect@svitvasad.ac.in
Contact No :02692-274540-Extn: 244


Dr. Shital M Pujara has completed her B.E. Electrical from BVM, V. V. Nagar (S.P. University) in 1993 and M.E. in Electrical Power System from ISTAR, V.V. Nagar (S.P. University) in 2002 and Ph.D. from Charusat, Changa specialized under Electrical Power System in 2017.She has been working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology. VASAD since 1st September 1997, which has resulted in a teaching experience of 23 years and 4 months to her name. Her research interest area comprises of Electrical Power System Analysis, Design and Optimization, Electricity Restructured Market and Electrical Machine Design. She has authored number of papers in various national and international journals and conferences. She is also a life member of professional organization like ISTE.

Current Activities:

Teaching the courses at UG level in Electrical Engineering. Guiding UG projects and PG dissertations.

Specialization Areas:

Electrical Power System Analysis Design and Optimization, Electricity Restructured Market and Electrical Machine Design.

Subject Taught (UG):

Interconnected Power System, Electrical Power System-I, Electrical Power System-II, Power System Operation & Control, Elements of Electrical Engineering, Design of A.C. machine, Design of D.C.,machine and transformer, Basic Electrical Engineering

Subject Taught (PG):

Computer Methods in Power System Analysis, Power System Modeling and Simulation, Power system analysis


Qualification Specialization University Passing year Class
Ph. D. Power System Charuset Changa University 2018 -
ME Power System S. P. University 2002 Distinction
BE Electrical Engineering S. P. University 1993 First Class

My Experience

  • 01-09-1997 - Till Date
  • Assistant Professor
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology, Vasad
  • 23-09-1996 - 31-08-1997
  • Adhoc Lecturer
  • B.V.M. Engg. College ,V.V.Nagar
  • 13-07-1995 - 22-03-1996
  • Adhoc Lecturer
  • B &B Poly. Tech. College,V.V.Nagar


International Journal :

    • S. M.  Pujara and C. D. Kotwal, “Optimize Gain Controller for Single Area Multi unit Power System” International Journal of Electrical Engineering & Informatics,Volume 6,  issue 2 , pp. 306-323, June 2014.
    • S. M.  Pujara and C. D. Kotwal, “Impact of UI Rate Automatic Generation Controller of Participating Generators Under Frequency Linked Tariff System” ‘, JEE, Volume 14, issue4, pp 1-9, August 2014.
    • S. M.  Pujara and C. D. Kotwal, “An Inclusive Review on Load Frequency Control in Deregulated Market,” International Journal of Electrical Engineering &Informatics, Volume 8, issue 3, pp. 595-611, September 2016.
    • S. M.  Pujara and C. D. Kotwal,“Optimized Price Based Frequency Regulation for Multi Area Deregulated Electricity Market”, Journalof Electrical Engineering, 2017.
    • Swati chauhan and S.M. Pujara,” Arc Flash Analysis of Medium Voltage Level Power System using ETAP,” International Journal of Computer Sciences And Engineering, Volume 7, issue 3, pp. 212-219, March 2019.
    • S. M.  Pujara and C. D. Kotwal,“Optimized Price Based Frequency Regulation of Multi Area Restructured Power System with Wind Energy Conversion System,” International Journal of Electrical Engineering &Informatics Volume 11, issue 1, pp. 195-211,March,2019.

National Journal :

    • S. M. Pujara, “Availability Based Tariff for Generation And T&D,” Electrical Engineering Updates, pp 21 -28, March April 2009.
    • S.M.Pujara, “Positives of availability based tariff for bulk power generation,” IEEMA , pp 70-76, January 2009.
    • S. M. Pujara,” Scheduling Of Power Under The Tree of Availability-Based Tariff For The Bilateral Transaction,” IEEMA, pp 100 -107, June 2010.

International Conference :

    • S. M.  Pujara and C. D. Kotwal,“OptimizedUnscheduled Interchange Based Secondary Control For Two Area Deregulated Electricity Market,” 26th to 28th November2015,Nuicone2015, Nirma University Ahmadabad.
    • Jalpa Rathod and S M Pujara,“Modeling andLoad Flow Analysis Of Power System IncludingIPFC,” Afro –Asian international conference of science engineering and technology , 27 & 28 March 2015, GEC Bharuch.
    • Bhumika Parihar, S.M. Pujara, C D Kotwal,“An overview: Arc Flash Hazard,Analysis and Mitigation, International conference on research and innovations in science and technology, “17 February to 19February 2017, B.V.M Engineeringcollege, V V Nagar.

National Conferences :

    • S. M. Pujara and C D Kotwal,“Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Algorithm and Emerging Techniques' Application to Power System,2011,  NCRTET-11, B.V. M. Engineering. College, V.V.Nagar.
    •  S. M. Pujara and C D Kotwal, “Smart pricing for smart metering,” PEPECCI, 2012, S.V.I.T.Vasad.
    • S. M. Pujara and C D Kotwal, “Variable Energy Integration to Grid with Energy Storage.”   2013, Smart elect2013, GETCOGujarat.
    • Brijesh Parmar and S.  M. Pujara,” Optimal Power flow analysis of interconnected power system,” 8& 9 APRIL 2016, RTECEE-2016.

Grant Received

    • Received 40,000Rs. From GUJCOST to organize STTP    on, “Emerging Trends in Electrical Power and Energy System “.

Academic Activities

Expert Talk Delivered :

    • Delivered a talk on load flow analysis for the senior Engineers of SLDC  Baroda for their compliance certificate exam

STTP Organized :

    • Emerging Trends in Electrical Power and Energy System, at   Electrical Engineering Department S. V. I.T. Vasad   7 January to 12 January 2019.

STTP Attended :

    • STTP on “Enhancementof Women Employability Through Technical Vocational Education,”   at M. S. University Baroda, 26 October to 7 November  1998.
    • STTP on “Industry Institute interaction” at B.V.M., V.V. Nagar, 11 May to 16 May1998.
    • STTP on “Oop and C++” at B.V.M., V.V. Nagar, 21 st January to 11 th Feabruary 2001.
    • STTP  on  “Database System Concept  at  B.V.M., V.V.Nagar,  18 March to 25 March,2001.
    • STTP on “MATLAB for Analysis and Simulation of Electrical, Electronics and Control System,” at Nirma University, Ahmedabad, 25 November to 30 November, 2002.
    • STTP on “Autodesk Educational Solution Set” ISTE Faculty Chapter SVIT VASAD,9 th to 12 th July
    • 2008.
    • STTP on “Recent trends in Power System”,SVIT&CEPT, SVIT VASAD , 24 th to 30 th
    • January 2011.
    • STTP on “Operation and control of emerging power system OCEPS2013” atCITC-Changa, 11 March to 15 March 2013.
    • STTP on,” Control Systems”IIT Kharagpur, at S.V.I.T.  VASAD, 2 December to 12 December 2014.
    • STTP on, “Electric Power System” IIT Kharagpur, at S.V.I.T.  VASAD.  12 June to 15 July 2017.
    • STTP on,” Recent Advances and Practices In Power & Energy Sectors,” at TEQIP-III,BVM Engineering College, V.V.Nagar, 9 December to14 December 2019
    • FDP on,” e SIP Sampler Program (Student Induction Program),” ACITE, On line, from Delhi ,8 November to13November &16November to 20 November 2020.
    • STTP on,” Academic Leadership Program,” On line from Bangalore, 1December to 7 December2020.
    • FDP on,” Quality enhancement drive” ISTE faculty chapter SVIT VASAD, 25 th January to 30 th January 2021.
    • FDP on, “Find Leader in You”, CMI 22 nd February 2021 to 6 th March 2021.

Workshop/Seminar Attended :

    • Two-day workshop on, “Standardization and Quality system” atD.D.I.T.  Nadiad, 5& 6 January 1999.
    •  A seminar on,” Smart Grid Technology,” at GTU,Ahmedabad,1 October 2011.
    • One day workshop on “ETAP SoftwareDemo,” IE, at B.V.M., V.V. Nagar 2 December 2012.
    • One day seminar on,” MATLAB and Simulink for Engineering Education,” MathWorksIndia, Madhubhan Resort, V.V. Nagar, 20 December 2013.
    • One day workshop on, “Recent Advances in Power System, “atA.D.I.T, V.V. Nagar 4April 2008.
    • One day experimental learning outbound program on,” Team Building and Coordination, Successful, Leadership, Effective Interaction, Work Ethics and Appriciation,”17 June 2017.
    • One day FDP Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement of Technical Education”, ISTE Chapter
    • SOPTER (Society for promotion of technical education and research NGO), organized by SVIT Vasad, 9 th January 2021.
    • One day expert talk on “Developing a Robust Mechanism to Achieve Active Industry-Academia-Collaboration”, Organized by ISTE Faculty chapter ,SVIT-VASAD 14th August 2021.
    • Participated in Alumni Champion Talks Season 2, an Alumni Relations Talk Series held from May 8 th - 29 th ,May 2021